mdEmail® Registration API


getDomainList() should be called when a user needs a list of domain names that it owns. It can be retrieved via a soap request using the "getDomainList" method to


The response comes in a soap object containing three elements.
  (string) code - A resonse code. This will be 000 if there is no error
  (string) message - A description of the response code
  (array) domainlist - An array of domain names
  (array) is_audits - An array of values of the attribute 'audit' corresponding to the above domains

Sample Code (using NuSoap)

  $soap = new soapclient("",array( 'trace' => true, 'exceptions' => true, ));
  $response = $soap->getDomainList($session_id);
  if ($response->code == '000') {
    $domain_array = $response->domainlist;
    $is_audits_array = $response->is_audits;
    echo $response->message;

The xml for the WSDL can be found here